*Oracles of the Self*

Oracle of Delphi – “Know Thyself”

As the planetary vibration continues to rise at a momentous pace, it can be quite challenging to maintain a peace commanding presence that allows for clear guidance to pierce through to our conscious mind from our Divine Presence. There comes a time when we realize we could greatly benefit from a deeper look into the mirror of the Self in order to attain the answers (or in some cases the right questions!) we seek.

Oracles have been used for centuries to assist the seeker on the Path to Liberation. We all know the answers come from within and it is the Oracles role to provide those in need of guidance with the opportunity to receive valuable insight(s) into their situation. This is a means in which to supplement our own inner wisdom in an objective manner.

Our resident Oracle is Kali Starhawk, a holistic practitioner by trade as well as a gifted intuitive. She is skilled in the use of Animal Medicine Cards, tapping into the primordial wisdom of the Animal Kingdom to bring forth profound reflections of the Self. She  is currently expanding her knowledge of the traditional Tarot along with Chinese Astrology. This dynamic combination of divinatory styles will provide each truth seeker with a unique and well rounded reading that is sure to assist in yielding the most beneficial insights.

If you feel called to experience a reading to shine the light of illumination on your path, please feel free to contact her at:



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